the day of running race

Bang!!!!!! The gun went of the runners and i were running as fast as a gizelle. We were running a marathon and every one was huffing and puffing. 5 minutes in i had the finish line in sight and i was in 9th position. But then when i crossed the line i thought it was the end but we still had another lap to go! i was exhausted but i new that i must go on.  pushing through the pain and i got into 2nd place. Exhausted and breathing hard, she simply raise her fist.

” finally about time i finally won!!!”


my book review REFUGEE

REFUGEE: Gratz,Alan: BooksThis book is called refugee and the author is Alan Gratz. There is three story’s about three children and they are all trying to get to a safer country then their own. The story’s in the book are around the times of: 1940,1994 and 2015. The genre of this book would be adventure and historical.

They go on wild journeys to try to keep them and their family safe. They had to lose family on the way but made it to a safer countries. I think the main idea of this story is to be safe and around family.

Someone who gets engaged in a book and  who is into some gruesome stuff. If I had to rate out of ten i would personally give it a 10. I really enjoyed reading this book because it was interesting how their journey goes and how it ends up.


Suddenly i found myself stranded. I had nowhere to go. But i may as well swim for it, But i am not entirely sure of where i am going. Maybe i might catch an Atlantic salmon and i will go from their. Holy there quick today i dont think that they want to be caught. Where did my island go i have to find another way. There in the horizon i can see an island. The waves were rustling and i couldn’t quit get there. But i pushed my way through the waves and i only just literally made it!

the excursion

On the road to the water park and the road was frozen the whole way. But when we got there it was hectic,crazy with people. We were so excited to get to the top of the slide and of course it was closed because it was full of rubber. So they striped the slide and we ended up going to the green little brother was like

“Slow down you are crazy dude!”

And we keep going and we ended up in the sewer. we got out of the sewer system ad my little brother said

“Lets not do that again”


In the hectic dessert was a town called umbrella. This town was full yellow and the only pet you could have were smelly zebras. But these zebras were special and there  favorite food was cactus. All day you would see zebras racing to the outskirts of town just  to get the prickly bushes and eat them.This town was beautiful and had so many places to see. One of them were a red lake and there was a tail if you went swimming in the lake you would be stained red for the rest of your life. So if i life the i wouldn’t swim.


But then i looked behind me. There was a scrawny old man behind spec-savers. but there was a good reason why he was there. At the end of everyday at five O’clock they chuck out all the contact lenses out, And that was a good thing for the scrawny old man, Because he needed the lenses.As soon as he got his lenses he would not be as dopey and would be able to see where about the fast food places where. He hopes in to a taxi and makes them buy food for him for the night. That is peter.


The biggest crowd i have ever seen. I thought if i was very stupid a burst of laughter would come out of the crowd. So my idea was if i dressed up in a dinosaur and run in the Olympics. So i got dressed as quick as a lion eating a buffalo. I ran out into the stadium.                                                                              “Then the crowd erupted with laughter!”

I was startled. I didn’t know if i should compete anymore. But i took a deep breath and walked over. The gun went of and i was winning. but of course someone had to spoil it.

peters adventure

The sky was dark, with lightning bolts coming out before you can even catch you’re eyes on. Peter was dark and glum on this day. All of a sudden led lights had come on around the back of us. We were as scared as a new school kid going into his new school. We decided to check it out, it was an alarm of a smoke detector. and then i saw it, the man with teeth as sharp as a rhinos horn came sprinting at us. We were intimidated by the man. He chased us as for ages and then……


In north Alaska the relaxed man was driving his car. the man was as relaxed as a flamingo dipping his head in the water.the car bogging down into the snow and engine bumping along the car makes a big boom! Why does the car have to bog down on this terrible day? He anxiously ran out of the car to see what was wrong. The polar bear deviously came out of the unknown and his teeth were oozing out with blood. reaching onto the car the bear was about to eat his head off! After a few seconds the man started to sprint like a heard of hippos.

“You stupid bear, stop coming after me!” He said in a raging voice


The world was as shocked as a ostrich trying to get its head into the ground.

“Then the elephant delivered its speak!”

It was all over the great debate of what is the biggest animal in the world.The blue whales were disgusted about the elephants argue of why they were the biggest. The whale’s fought back about with determination to win the debate. 9.00pm. that night the judges tossed and turned about the great debate. Inside their head the numbers were:9,6,8. The next day they all had bloodshot eyes and just had to give theirs scores but the answer was…..