moving things

On the dark polluted night  there was a guy called Paul. He decided to go for a long walk. It was a good walk until gradually, Things started to move. I was that freaked out that i had jumped out of my shoes and started to run like a gazelle running from a cheetah. I had finally stopped to take a breath and re thought what had happened. Surely trees dont move by them self. Unless someone has sprayed a moving spray on them so they can move?Geese how did that because they had really freaked me out so bad.

One thought on “moving things”

  1. Hi Bradley
    I really like that you gave your 100 word challenge a title -‘Moving Things’ – which sets the scene for your reader and makes them think. I initially thought that it would be about moving things like furniture but very quickly realised that something sinister was going on with trees moving by themselves. I thought your use of ‘like a gazelle running from a cheetah’ was very good as it described how fast you must have been running and gave a sense of the panic to the reader. A little tip: You started your story using the third person ‘Paul’ and then you switched to first person ‘I’ – this can be confusing to the reader so maybe read back over your writing when you’re finished to check for details like that. Well done on a great response to this week’s 100 word challenge prompt.
    Máire O’Keeffe (Team 100wc)
    Galway, Ireland.

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