They never should of said yes they are doing a top secret spy mission. The mission was to highjack a McLaren and get it to the top secret base. It was a mission that only the best could survive because of all the deadly booby traps. 11.46pm they had left the base and headed for the McLaren. They had got it the sirens had gone off the people who owned the car were chasing them.  Arrows were flying everywhere they had set of the booby traps of, and all of the sudden an arrow had hit the glass window!


my book review REFUGEE

REFUGEE: Gratz,Alan: BooksThis book is called refugee and the author is Alan Gratz. There is three story’s about three children and they are all trying to get to a safer country then their own. The story’s in the book are around the times of: 1940,1994 and 2015. The genre of this book would be adventure and historical.

They go on wild journeys to try to keep them and their family safe. They had to lose family on the way but made it to a safer countries. I think the main idea of this story is to be safe and around family.

Someone who gets engaged in a book and  who is into some gruesome stuff. If I had to rate out of ten i would personally give it a 10. I really enjoyed reading this book because it was interesting how their journey goes and how it ends up.

moving things

On the dark polluted night  there was a guy called Paul. He decided to go for a long walk. It was a good walk until gradually, Things started to move. I was that freaked out that i had jumped out of my shoes and started to run like a gazelle running from a cheetah. I had finally stopped to take a breath and re thought what had happened. Surely trees dont move by them self. Unless someone has sprayed a moving spray on them so they can move?Geese how did that because they had really freaked me out so bad.