Suddenly i found myself stranded. I had nowhere to go. But i may as well swim for it, But i am not entirely sure of where i am going. Maybe i might catch an Atlantic salmon and i will go from their. Holy there quick today i dont think that they want to be caught. Where did my island go i have to find another way. There in the horizon i can see an island. The waves were rustling and i couldn’t quit get there. But i pushed my way through the waves and i only just literally made it!

the excursion

On the road to the water park and the road was frozen the whole way. But when we got there it was hectic,crazy with people. We were so excited to get to the top of the slide and of course it was closed because it was full of rubber. So they striped the slide and we ended up going to the green little brother was like

“Slow down you are crazy dude!”

And we keep going and we ended up in the sewer. we got out of the sewer system ad my little brother said

“Lets not do that again”


In the hectic dessert was a town called umbrella. This town was full yellow and the only pet you could have were smelly zebras. But these zebras were special and there  favorite food was cactus. All day you would see zebras racing to the outskirts of town just  to get the prickly bushes and eat them.This town was beautiful and had so many places to see. One of them were a red lake and there was a tail if you went swimming in the lake you would be stained red for the rest of your life. So if i life the i wouldn’t swim.


But then i looked behind me. There was a scrawny old man behind spec-savers. but there was a good reason why he was there. At the end of everyday at five O’clock they chuck out all the contact lenses out, And that was a good thing for the scrawny old man, Because he needed the lenses.As soon as he got his lenses he would not be as dopey and would be able to see where about the fast food places where. He hopes in to a taxi and makes them buy food for him for the night. That is peter.


“How am i going to get this job done.”

Quickly run and get the phone so i can call someone.The cars are all matte black with windows as clean as a whistle.We are on the docks of Bangkok with a flip car boat. Quickly the boats sinking and i am going down with it, HURRY! Mark jump onto the boat already.Well i expect you to get here in halve an hour. Be careful please it is a slippery as ice.

“Well you could of told me that it was like ice around here mate.”

Quickly run and help me mate!


The biggest crowd i have ever seen. I thought if i was very stupid a burst of laughter would come out of the crowd. So my idea was if i dressed up in a dinosaur and run in the Olympics. So i got dressed as quick as a lion eating a buffalo. I ran out into the stadium.                                                                              “Then the crowd erupted with laughter!”

I was startled. I didn’t know if i should compete anymore. But i took a deep breath and walked over. The gun went of and i was winning. but of course someone had to spoil it.