In north Alaska the relaxed man was driving his car. the man was as relaxed as a flamingo dipping his head in the water.the car bogging down into the snow and engine bumping along the car makes a big boom! Why does the car have to bog down on this terrible day? He anxiously ran out of the car to see what was wrong. The polar bear deviously came out of the unknown and his teeth were oozing out with blood. reaching onto the car the bear was about to eat his head off! After a few seconds the man started to sprint like a heard of hippos.

“You stupid bear, stop coming after me!” He said in a raging voice


The world was as shocked as a ostrich trying to get its head into the ground.

“Then the elephant delivered its speak!”

It was all over the great debate of what is the biggest animal in the world.The blue whales were disgusted about the elephants argue of why they were the biggest. The whale’s fought back about with determination to win the debate. 9.00pm. that night the judges tossed and turned about the great debate. Inside their head the numbers were:9,6,8. The next day they all had bloodshot eyes and just had to give theirs scores but the answer was…..


ancient Egypt here we come! Years ago my friend lost a gold viola and lots of people what were very diverse. We are going to the Nile river where the kings lay in there golden tombs. When we got to the entrance of the pryrimid, We were about to enter. But all of a sudden the limestone what was carted from hand was crumbling and i was under all of it. But we did not move and we were stuck and could not move. We searched all the way through the crushed limestone and we didn’t find it. But the viola we had found it.


“Hey you want to come over?”

My friend is very indulgent and helps me with everything. I told him to come over and we could go for a walk around the block. 12:47 pm. It turned as brown as a pair of white socks that had been soaking in mud. An old man had started walking behind us, But when we didn’t look at him he would run and get closer and closer. We didn’t run but it looked like he was about to murder us. We yelled out

“Come save us please dad!”

That’s when we knew we should run!