In the sky there was many dancing leafs, But once they touched the ground they got demolished by metal munching machines!

“Hey should we enter the school?” Said Chris.

“Well it is up to you to deiced.”Yelled Franky.

As we entered this old school we saw a dodo rapidly running in circles. But it was actually circling a wet cardboard box. We opened it. There was a raccoon what had made its very own chair. We thought we should release it. But what if this raccoon is evil? Hes got that look about him. But it turns out he concered the world FOR EVER AND……..

One thought on “THE FREAKY SCHOOL”

  1. Hi Bradley,

    What an adventure! You did a splendid job of creating a suspenseful atmosphere in your story. Great work setting out the dialogue, too… The way you alternated between short and long sentences was effective.

    I look forward to your next piece.


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