“hey you want to come over to the river along side my house?”

“it would be my pleasure!”

We brang our dogs and let them splash around in the water. The trees were like the ones of horror movies. Behind the tree we saw an human looking shape. It started running at us. It was a man around the age of 60 and had bad bloodshot eyes. I think he was one of the people what were a vampire when they were younger. He might get us to seek revenge. We were going to run as far as we can fast!


In the sky there was many dancing leafs, But once they touched the ground they got demolished by metal munching machines!

“Hey should we enter the school?” Said Chris.

“Well it is up to you to deiced.”Yelled Franky.

As we entered this old school we saw a dodo rapidly running in circles. But it was actually circling a wet cardboard box. We opened it. There was a raccoon what had made its very own chair. We thought we should release it. But what if this raccoon is evil? Hes got that look about him. But it turns out he concered the world FOR EVER AND……..


The deafening screams echoed through the cold night. We were hunting for animals my friend said “Over there is a good spot for hunting.” Fred said. “Alright then,Well head over there to have a crack at it.”Yelled myself. This spot in the Forrest was dense and dark. It gave me a chill down the spine. I gave it my best shot. It felt like someone was watching me. Every-time i looked behind me i saw a gimps of light. It was like a shooting star! finally i saw it, It was a woman what was a ghost with a frilly dress. It was an amazing puffed up dress.

haunted forrest

like a blank sheet of paper. the sky was empty, no stars no moon. 11.33pm. its Halloween, freaky people and costumes everywhere i was scared head to toe. but lucky my friend and i matched into the heard of people. we reached the end of the street. our bags were full of lollies to the brim. when we walked home we diapered into the night. our hearts were beating like a cheetah running after its prey.we run rapid trying to get out of the endless forrest. we tripped over the gigantic roots of the tree. but it wasn’t of yet.

wolfs will bite

In the dark gloomy night,There once layed a spooky tree. Every night when the sun is going down the tree you could say so many words to describe it. The sun was like a perfect cooked pancake! When  its misty like this night a pack of  wolfs will come on stand at the tree. the twigs were as brittle as something out of a old museum. I was so afraid that i couldn’t even stand up. I was shaking as much as a turkey about to get its head choped of. But dont get too close. Wolfs will OCCASIONALLY bite.