the terror chase

Have you ever swung of a snowy cliff?Here is a terrifying story to listen to.Where running across the grand canyon and we have this special magical eight ball, What can turn us into any living creature.At the moment we are ants getting chased by the ant killer. And all of a sudden were in the snow but because we are ants we had to change because we could not see anything. Although i had turned back to my normal self i was in trouble. I had noticed something was chasing me and i had fallen of the cliff.But someone swang a rope.”i’m trying to hold on,”he shouted.


Have ever broken a really bad rule? I will tell you quite a story.

So we were  walking down the road and we saw a donkey. Old man said in his crackly voice”I don’t think you will touch that smelly old donkey eating that badly pruned sock!” In my mind i was like lets go give this donkey a lesson. As we walked over we took no notice of the sign.We think it said”This donkey has major diseases and some facial body hair.”

We started to sprint as fast as the strongest category tornado.But we couldn’t quite reach in time.