a pink dusty giraffe sang a painful song

have you ever seen a pink dusty giraffe how sang a painful song? i will tell you all about my painful and irratating adventure!so i walk into this old stinking chicken coop with curtains with a stage. but the thing is i dont know why i had to meet my friend that is a silly old goat. i could hear a big thud, it wasnt my silly old goat. it was a awkward looking giraffe walking onto the stage about to sing a really painful song infront of ten maggots. so i stayed to watch but the silly old goat.

One thought on “a pink dusty giraffe sang a painful song”

  1. Bradly

    I like your writing and how you used the prompt words in a very creative way. One thing you could work on is capitalizing I and the letter in the beginning of a sentence. Good job.


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