balloon tennis adventure

So were in the hallway at the back of the house playing balloon tennis with a brown balloon. We had never played it before. So we made a rule that we were aloud to kick the balloon.We started to pack up. So we had opened the door to go to the dining room and my other brother had frightened the hibby jeppys out of me. I was a frightened as a panicking sheep about to die of stress. I had missed a breath. I had to walk away. i sat on the lounge. I was watching a movie then a scary killer clown in it.

the wild jungle. (HAUNTED)

But were did it go!she shouted. i swear i just saw the scariest ghost in history. I was as scared as a baby how had just had a poo in the toilet. So why don’t we just go for a casual walk in the park were the lion sleeps tonight. timon and  Pumbaa do there little dances.Pow! did you she that felicia.What. it was that ghost that you were talking about. But it just glitches out and  i think it  is a little bit haunted in this town. We know have to jump to survive. So run a fast a timon and pumbaa with a pickled pickle.

the usless kids.

Oh my goodness lannon and peter. I honestly thought that timber was really was so much heavier than what i had expected.The timber was a heavy as common eland that is so heavy that even a little boy couldn’t pick it up. So lannon and peter i need you to help.”Its its just to hard for me i cant even swallow a pretzel whole so how am i going to lift that up!” Said lannon ” Same goes here.” peters said in a sorry voice. I will just try by my own. Here it goes. Oww! I just got the biggest splinter in the whole world.